Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

In this section we provide answers to some of the key questions we hear from companies looking for payroll processing bureau services.

What is Dandenpayroll, HR and Tax services?

A payroll bureau service is a service that is partly outsourced to a third party company. It allows companies to streamline their in-house payroll function while maintaining control and visibility. Our services involve a split of functionality between the client and ourselves.

What should I look for when considering Dandenpayroll services in the EU?

One of the key benefits that UK companies are looking for is peace of mind, knowing that their payroll is being correctly administered and is fulfilling all tax and legislative requirements.
After compliance, you should look for:- Experience- Expertise- Excellent support- Training and support- System access- Calculations – The system calculates tax, NI, PAYE, GAYE, Pensions, and much more- Payslip production- Payments- Reporting- General Ledger interface- Production of tax form- End of year filing

What are Dandenpayroll benefits and Key Core Competence?

The benefits of using our payroll tax and HR services fall into four main categories:
- Cost Savings - Time Savings - Security and Compliance- Visibility and Control

What type of business can benefit from Dandenpayroll services?

Small, medium and large businesses, as well as charities and other non-profit organisations can benefit from moving to our tax, payroll and HR service.

In how many countries do you process payrolls and/or provide other services? 

We have processed payrolls in 35 countries and have capabilities in over 96 countries. Dandenpayroll is continually adding countries so if you have payroll needs in a specific country, please contact us for additional details.

Will you handle the payments for all of my countries including employee, social programs, and local tax payments?

Yes. In many situations we manage the funding needs for our clients including all employee payments, social programs, and local tax payments. If a client wishes to distribute the payroll on their own, Dandenpayroll will supply the payment details directly to the client for disbursement.

How long does a typical implementation take?

In most cases, implementations take 4 to 8 weeks for small employee groups and several months for larger employee groups.

What type of clients do you support?

Dandenpayroll has clients in a variety of industry sectors including oil & gas, financial services, education, insurance, real estate, technology, and many others. We provide local and expatriate payroll, HR and Tax services to these clients in over 35 countries.

Do Dandenpayroll handle full IT integration and data transmission?

Clients pass data securely to Dandenpayroll utilizing secure FTP sites or via our company’s Document Management Technology (DMT). During the implementation process, we work with our clients to determine the best solution to meet their needs.

Do you provide benefits, human resources, and time reporting services?

Yes, you have reached the right place. As an international payroll provider, we are continuously refining our processes to be more efficient, user-friendly, and quality driven in order to better support our clients’ growing international initiatives. Therefore, and while accommodating our clients needs, our corporate focus includes human resources, and/or time reporting services.