Human Resource Services

To battle and meet the needs of the challenges faced in today's business environment, ArevaPayroll has developed and offers multiple solutions. Offering additional employer services to our clients frees them of the time-consuming and costly burden of researching and developing these programs, allowing them to focus on their core business!

In addition to HR management services, ArevaPayroll clients are also able to take advantage of:

- Our pay-as-you-go Employees Compensation program, provide our clients with Cash flow flexibility.

- Flexible payment options: Direct Debit, Pay Card, etc.

- Seamless general ledger integration

- Accrual tracking and calculations

- Web Clocks

- Complete Labor Statistics


ArevaPayroll Employee Time Tracking

Via our inhouse developed Employee Time Tracking module, you too can start saving time and avoiding errors from re-entering data.

Our solution is fully integrated with payroll so no more need for re-entering hours and/or re-calculations.

Error reduction by automatically processing total hours worked (including overtime).
Eliminating double input by allowing employees to enter their own hours, whereby the client has the choice of choosing password protected online timesheets, or selecting the option to provide its employees the ability to time in and out by themselves.

Our solutions operate under a secure environment, encrypting and protecting valuable confidential information, employee authentication and customisable back up frequencies.

Our HR Employer Services are developed around one concept - Our Clients Specific Needs!